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For being away from crowded of city and find peace we set out from our agency everyday at 9 o’clock.

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DEPARATURE TIME: 09:00 ARRIVAL: 19:00 Daily Ayder Tour

For being away from crowded of city and find peace we set out from our agency everyday at 9 o’clock. Our first stop is in Sürmene Knife Rayon. In this rayon you can get information and about Sürmene Knives and you can buy some knives. Our second stop is in Botanical Tea Garden in Rize. You can drink tea and take photos in there. We stop by Rize Cloth Workplace and see regional loom in this workplace then we get back on the road. After 20 minutes we arrive Fırtına Valley and give a break for taking photo. Then we go to Historical Stone Bridge .After the break in Historical Stone Bridge we arrive Ayder Plato. In Gelin Tülü Waterfall you will have your free time. At 5 o’clock we set out for returning Trabzon and complete our tour.

The Facilities Included In The Tour
1- Transportation with comfortable luxury vehicles during the tour.
2- Vehicle entrance to the national parks.
3- In car cartering
4-Seat insurance

The Facilities Not Included In The Tour:
Museum entrance fee
Private expenses

Departure Time :
Trabzon ( In Front Of Agency ) : 09:00
Ayder (Return): 17:00

*Comfortable walking shoes or sneakers should be preferred.
*We advices you to buy worldwide known Sürmene Knives.
*Taste the tea when we visit Botanical Tea Factory.
*Try Ayder’s regional food ( muhlama, trout, laz böreği, etc.)
*If you love taking photos be sure that your camera is with you.

• Ayder is a wonderful place with its riot of color in autumn, white snow cover in winter and greenery view in summer.
• Ayder is a village, plato and entertainment place.
• With its touristic hostels, trout restaurants, small resort type hotels and nature. Ayder is a wonderful place for accommodation and travel.
•It is almost anytime possible to see people who play horon with bigpipes.

The road of Ayder is 165 km for total. It takes 4 hours with breaks.

Visit Places:
1- Sürmene Knife Rayon
2- Rize Botanical Tea Garden
3- Rize Cloth Workplace
4- Fırtınadere Rafting Facility
5-Stone Bridges
6-Gelin Tülü Waterfall

PS1: Our tour vehicles will arranged according to the number of attendee with vehicles of 15-29- 46.
PS2: Our daily tours departure time is certain.
PS3: There is no insurance for place of seat (window, hall, etc.).
PS4: It is not state the brand or model of vehicle. The agency can make change when it is necessary.
PS5: Employee in charge has right to make changes on program flow depending upon weather or road condition.


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